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7 Days Subscription for Artists when you cancel after 2 weeks you get a free week of music promotion

You can cancel your subscription to our music promotion service, at any given time. You can do this within the dashboard environment when you are logged in to the website.

On our website, you will be able to choose from a number of different plans. All of them are Music Promotion plans. Firstly, we have our basic music promotion pitching plans.
Secondly, we have our extended music promotion pitching plans. There are, however, some people who will need more than just that. Thirdly, for those in need of more and better promotional plans,
there are our Major music promotion and pitching plans to boost your songs. Moreover, for those who even think the major pitching plans won’t be enough, we have an option for artist wholesale.


How it works?


When you have found and picked the music promotion plan you would like to order (only 1 at a time), proceed to the checkout to pay for your order.

As a result, you will be asked to fill out your details regarding the track / song that You would like to promote throughout one of our different music promotion plans.

Next to the detailed information about the track / song, you will also find a collection of other information about the music promotion plan.

When finished, placing your music promotion plan order, to boost your song, we will start pitching your song / track / music to our network of curators.

In addition, you will be notified by email with all the information regarding the playlists in which your song(s) have been placed.

After that your order is finished. Therefor, you will receive an email with detailed information, indicating that your music promotion order has been completed.

You will also receive an e-mail containing a *.PDF document with the start date of your promotional plan. Similarly, this document will contain the information about the end date of the music promotion campaign as well.

If you have any questions about our Music Promotion Services click on the We Are Here button on the bottom of this page. As a result, you will be able to chat with one of our employees through our live-support function.


Music Promotion Services by MCP

Music Promotion Plans

Basic Pitching plans

Playlist Subscription

$9.95 / week

Basic Pitching plans

Basic 10 days promo

$29.00 INCL VAT

Basic Pitching plans

Playlist 14 days basic promo


Basic Pitching plans

Playlist 30 days basic promo

$59.00 INCL VAT

Basic Pitching plans

Playlist 60 days basic promo


Music Promotion Testimonials

DD Soma

They do exactly what they say they are going too great company very happy.

DD Soma

Alon Maor

I bought 14 days playlist pack before 3/4 weeks and I just wanna say its really dope! that make me more 8000 streams and 1700 new listeners so Just Thanks a lot, very good service, yeah 🙂

Alon Maor

Cathal J

"Reliable, trustworthy people. Ethical and professional. Music Channel Promotions are the ONLY company I trust with Spotify Promotion."

cathal J

Jason Lawlor

Your service is the best I've come across, i'll definitely be back

Peter Lam

"We apreciate your testimonial trough Trustpilot "

Peter Lam
Pitching specialist / MCP

Mario Chris

Music channel promotions helped me reach more listeners and gained more streams for my songs.

Mario Chris

FLVR Records

"Music Channel Promotions has placed several of my artists tracks into playlists. Hope to see the continued effort and see some songs eventually land in Spotify Curated ones

. Music Channel Promotions is highly recommended for anyone looking to get in some great playlists! "

FLVR Records
A&R Manager / FLVR Records

Keith Spinney

"MCP is one of the best playlist curators in the business.  I saw my followers count go up and my streams went way up.  I'm very happy to be associated with MCP.  They know their business."

Keith Spinney



More Information about Music Promotion

If you need more information about our products and services, please visit our contact page.

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