Anastasia Richardson Country enters # 6 in Top-100

Anastasia Richardson Country

Anastasia Richardson Country - Successful Music Promotion by MCP

Anastasia Richardson Country song; ‘Daddy’s Girl’ enters the Digipluggen top 100 at number six. #6. MCP Music Promotion is proud to be a part of her success on Spotify. Therefore, we could say that the playlist pitching and plugging was successful. You can listen to the track here:

Anastasia Richardson Country - Music Charts Digipluggen Top-100

It is not without a reason we are writing something about Anastasia Richardson her Country song here on our weblog. We really think she is one of the Country artists to watch.
Therefore, we would suggest to save her to your favorites, if you love Country music. Anastasia Richardson Country. We all know there are so many artists in the Country Music scene. Therefore, it is really very hard to be outstanding. As a result, it is hard to get noticed. And artists that do not get noticed, will unfortunately not get the attention and success that they might deserve.

That is one of the reasons Anastasia made use of our products and services. As a result, she got noticed and now is finally getting the attention her music deserves. So her decision to use our services turned out to be a success for Anastasia. And now her song is listed in the Top-100.

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