Brown and Gray

Brown And Gray - Top Down - New Single - Release - Music Promotion By MCP

Brown And Gray

In this week’s blog we have a bit of a special attention to put Brown And Gray in the spotlight. The new release by this fantastic duo is called; ‘Top Down’. It truly is a great and very cheerful mix between country and pop music. It has received very good critics from all over the planet. Also in Europe the songs was welcomed with a lot of positive feedback. So please enjoy this new release and have a listen to the song ‘Top Down’ by this great duo.They also made a season song with their song ‘It’s not Christmas’. You will be able to find that song in our playlist Uplay Country  as well.

And remember, if you really like the music by Brown and Gray, please do feel free to follow them. Because, this will show the artist that his work is being appreciated by listeners from all over the work. And after all that is very valuable feedback for an artist. Therefore they will be able to value their work. Even Brown and Gray will truly like the fact that people let them know that they have enjoyed listening to their songs.

Most likely you will be able to read more about this Country duo. As this latest release of their song Top Down shows how truly talented they are.


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