Byron Keno Father

Buron Keno Father New Release MCP Music Promotion

Byron Keno Father (NEW Release)

Byron Keno Father - New Song - Music Promotion
New Release! MCP Music Promotion

Byron Keno Father – A great ballad with a Country-feel to it, is coming your way.

In this great new track from Australian sing a song writer and producer Byron Keno,

Byron tells his personal story in this song, about how he, after many years met his biological father.

This emotional event comes together in this awesome story in the lyrics of the release called Father.

We really think this song earns a bit of attention. Which of course is one of the reasons we wrote this blog article about it.

Mr. Keno is a very talented musician. Byron really worked his way up in the music scene. Byron Keno Father – His talent and skills make him the musician he is today.
We truly recommend checking out his other music as well. This will give you a good impression of his skills. His raw talent has transformed over the years into something different. Maybe we should say that with this new song he has become more mature. At least that is what they say about most good musicians…

Listen to this artist on Spotify and checkout his song, it’s a fine ballad for your personal playlist. We give this a five star rating *****


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