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General Information Music Promotion by MCP

In this blog category you will find general information about our company. Next tot that, you will find info about our products and services. Similarly, you will be able to find a lot of information about Music Promotion.

This is one of the blog categories that you’ll need to check out. Just, every now and then. Because, if you are a musician or an artist, this is the place to be. This general information blog category will inform you about the latest news. Next to that, about the possibilities to get your music / songs / tracks promoted. And by promoted, we mean promoted to a larger audience. Meaning, your music will be heard by many people all over the planet.

The info that you’ll be able to find here, will be of great value to you. It will tell you what way of promoting your music will fit best. And by best, we mean in the best possible way to your personal needs as an artist.

A Great New Year is Coming !

A Great New Year Is Coming! A Great New Year Is Coming! Right around the corner from where we are, there is a new great period of time full of new and cool things ahead of us. New improved services and products that will get available on our shop page.  New Playlists and a more […]