Douwe Bob – Shine

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Douwe Bob – Shine

Douwe Bob – Shine. Douwe Bob is a Dutch sing-a-songwriter.

His newest release is a very mature and classic song called: ‘Shine’.

Very different from his other released songs.

We honestly thing he had a little help from above and the Bible while he worked on this release.

Foremost, the first part called; ‘Genesis’.

And well, let’s agree that it is better to steal a good style, instead of making one very bad one up by yourself.

You can Listen to Douwe Bob his new release in the Uplay list Classics Uplay

Listen to the other songs by Douwe Bob in Classic Uplay as well. They are absolutely worth it!

“Shine” gets a 9+ rating from us in this blog.

Which can be considered quite high. Because, we rarely give such good ratings.

It truly is just a very good release.

So please save this song to your favorites if you really thing this new release by Douwe Bob – Shine is a good one. In that way you will support Douwe Bob as an artist and at the same time You will be able to enjoy his latest tracks as well.

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