First and Shalisa MURDER

First featuring Shalisa Murder massence records

First and Shalisa MURDER

First and Shalisa MURDER is the latest release of producer First together with Shalisa.

First featuring Shalisa Murder massence records

This song is the latest music production from Producer FIRST currently residing in Haarlem in The Netherlands.

new release First ft. Shalisa MURDER!

First believes in the strategy that the record is what counts most, and your as good as your latest product.

This mellow deep house track with the sublime vocals of shalisa van der laan

 makes this song a potential hit for the charts.

This track is totally of this time in the genre pop and EDM a great release.

The reason why we blog about it.

Listen here to MURDER on Spotify.

Make sure to follow the artist and also make sure to like this song, when You really like it. As a result, you support the artists.
They in return will be able to get a global idea of how their music is being received by their own audience. Therefore, they will be able to keep improving their work.

The energy this track has, is just to nice not to share with others. This is one of the main reasons we decided to write a blog about this song and the artists responsible for creating this musical gem!

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