Fran Pitre Never Again

Fran Pitre Never Again

Fran Pitre Never Again. In today’s blog we want to focus on Fran Pitre’s latest release: Never Again.

She wrote the lyrics of this song, not based on any particular situation, but rather as an anthem to all of us. Therefore, this song is quite amazing.

Haven’t we all, at some point in our relationships, screwed up? As a result of being thoughtless or inconsiderate. This could be because we didn’t follow through on a promise. Or maybe we lied and knew we had to come clean. Maybe we were unfaithful. Therefore, we caused the pain that someone felt. Fran Pitre Never Again.

This new great song by Fran Pitre (great musician) reminds each listener that we are human, that we mess up. What’s important is that we own it, we admit it, we confess, we apologize. We ask for forgiveness and promise that it won’t happen again.

It could be a romantic relationship, a business partnership, a sibling or parent/child relationship. What matters is that we must work to repair and hope to “never again” make the same mistakes. As a result, we people learn from every little thing we do.

The song lyrics by this great musician were put to music, a blues-rock melody composed by Fran her co-writer and pianist Kenny Levine and given a soulful country feel by the electric guitar slide treatment of Johnny Piantadosi. A jazzy emphasis of contrition was contributed by saxophonist Scott Johnson and background singers Brittany Wescott and Teri Harris Levine.

This extraordinary track was recorded and produced by Fran Pitre and Kenny Levine, Jacksonville, FL

Just enjoy this amazing track! Fran Pitre truly is a very great musician.

Enjoy this beautiful song by >> clicking here <<

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