How to promote your music on a platform like Spotify as an unsigned artist?

How to promote your music on a platform like Spotify as an unsigned artist blog article mcp music promotion - Artists, bands, musicians, dj's, producers

Are you looking to get more streams on Spotify? This little guide that we created will outline a number of tips. Tips for the first basic steps to growing your very own fan base. Next to that these tips will also show you how to receive more plays on Spotify as well. Even if you are an unsigned artist.

How to promote your music on a platform like Spotify as an unsigned artist blog article mcp music promotion - Artists, bands, musicians, dj's, producers
How to promote your music on a platform like Spotify as an unsigned artist blog article mcp music promotion – Artists, bands, musicians, dj’s, producers


So you want to have more followers and more plays on Spotify?


Today’s global music streaming industry still continues to grow at very high speed. Nowadays there are over 80 million paying subscribers, and Spotify actually is one of the biggest streaming platforms in the music industry. And for artists it simply is an excellent place to grow their fan base, discover new and relevant artists, and promote their music. Next to that, streaming also is one of the most effective ways for an artist or a band to introduce their music to the rest of the planet. Nonetheless, as an ‘unsigned’ artist, many artists and bands may have some serious trouble. Trouble in finding their ways to generate their very own streams on Spotify.


Our Little ‘So Called’ Guide

This so called ‘guide’ that we created, basically will outline a number of seriously good tips. Tips for expanding your very own fan base. Tips that will allow you to get more Spotify streams. Even if you are a totally unknown and unsigned artist. Even if you have zero experience on a platform like Spotify.

Step 1. – Get your own songs / music / album(s) on Spotify

It all starts with that first step. In our case that very first step to success is to start submitting your music to Spotify ASAP. However, the first problem you will have to tackle is the following one. Spotify does not offer any way to upload music for free. Something that SoundCloud, Bandcamp, Vimeo and YouTube do offer.

By far the best and quickest way to get your song(s) / music on Spotify would first of all be through a record label. Or through a specialized distribution service. There are several different ones out there. Most of them could help you out with that. These specialized services will handle the distribution and the licensing of your music. These different parties also are responsible for paying out your royalties. This usually starts to happen when fans start streaming your music on Spotify. And of course  at a larger than small scale. So we’re talking about multiple plays from all over the globe.

What You will get in return?

Adding everything up one could conclude that many of these digital distributors offer a wide variety of artist tools, services, and resources. They should all be able to provide everything needed to prepare, sell, and market your song(s) / music / album / single / etc. Nonetheless all of their services are quite specific as well, so this is absolutely something that you would have to research more in-deep for yourselves.

Step 2. – Get verified as an artist on Spotify.

Now that your music is finally available on Spotify (after going through step 1 of our “How To” – MCP Music Promotion Guide, it is very essential that you will now create a verified artist profile on Spotify. This is all because of the fact that verified artists have access to specific tools for managing their profile and playlists, viewing a range of statistics, and many more. Becoming a verified artist will also help you to boost your trust-level, credibility and chances of getting noticed by the so called playlist curators.

To get verified as an artist, you will need to access Spotify for Artists. This special section within Spotify is open to all artists and their management.





What are the benefits of being verified as an artist on Spotify?

Access to information, analytics and fan insights
Access to customize your very own profile with images and a bio
Ability to create and submit artist playlists and more
A blue check mark on your profile
Ability to send your releases to Spotify their Editorial team
Access to in-deep analytics and fan insights
Access to specialized promotion tools and more

Step 3. – Creating, Editing and Updating Your Own Playlist(s)

Charts and Playlists are by far the biggest drivers of streams and followers on a platform like Spotify. Also, playlists are by far probably one of the quickest ways to get your song(s) / music heard by millions and millions of potential listeners and possibly even new fans to add to your very own audience. However, getting your music featured on one of Spotify’s most popular playlists is very difficult. This is all because of the fact that the top playlists on Spotify are either controlled by their very own editorial team or by one of the major global labels in the music industry.

Probably the most simplest way to generate more streams and gain new followers is by starting to build your own playlists. Create playlists that feature other artists, bands and music as well as your very own. By being supportive towards other artists and by regularly sharing your playlists it will all affect and increase the chances of getting a favor in return.



So adding everything up, we can conclude that adding tracks to your playlists on a regular basis is absolutely very essential. It is actually of great importance! It is so  important because your followers will get a notification each and every single time that you have updated your playlist. This very same approach will also drive new listeners to your profile as well, which will help to increase the numbers of your followers and streams.



Another important note is that curating and promoting playlists will keep you very much engaged with your listeners and fans. So keep in mind that staying proactive is absolutely very vital because the so called Spotify algorithms will monitor your activity constantly. And active users with higher than average performing streams are more likely to get their music placed on the more prominent Spotify playlists. Next to all that, the more streams and followers you have, the higher you will also appear in searches. So it truly is such a mix and combination of things that you need to get absolutely right in order to get the result you want. Patience is a big key word as well.

Probably you are still wondering how to get your music in those playlist on Spotify.


How To Promote Music


Below we will list all of them for you to read them trough one more time:

Always stay active, always be proactive, always grow your followers, and always increase your streams.
Submit your unreleased music to the Spotify Editorial team for a playlist consideration.
Support and follow other artists’ playlists. Also, follow artists who you like to show your fans the music that you’re into.
Share your very own playlists on social media channels, blogs, and music related websites / bulletin boards to expand your exposure.
Submit music to different independent curators.
Email or message Spotify curators and ask them to add your music.
Get your music signed by a real label with other high performing playlists.
Create your very own Spotify for Artists account.
Create your very own themed playlists featuring music from other artists and regularly update these playlists.
Promote your own music on Spotify. Also encourage your fans to start following you and to listen to your music on Spotify.
Release high quality original music in your very own style.



Step 4. – Take advantage of the power of Social Media.


Always be very actively engaged with your fans and audience across all your different social media profiles. Post all of your Spotify links, and actively promote your very own music and own gigs, share your stories, and give opinions, updates on recordings, teasers, etc. Utilize your Facebook, your Twitter, your Instagram, your SoundCloud, and all of your other platforms that you use to connect with your fan base all over the planet. And most importantly not to forget: use your social media and your email to encourage your fans to follow you on Spotify and all of your other platforms as well. And also make sure to share all of your playlists as well. Another thing you can do is making use of Facebook Soundcloud / Music / Playlist Groups and Reddit Groups where people share their songs and music and also offer feedback to other bands and artists.

Social Media Music Promotion


Another thing to keep in mind: Managing several social media accounts and profiles can seem like a very stressful task. However, there are various online tools that will allow you to schedule, organize and manage content with minimal effort across all your social media platforms.

Step 5. – Make use of Music Promotion Tools.

There are a number of things that you can do yourself. Things like making a Spotify QR Scan Code that will lead people to your Spotify page after scanning it. You could print stickers or get shirts printed with your Spotify address and or info. You can also implement a Spotify button into your website and social media channels that will take visitors straight to your Spotify profile page or Playlist.

How To Promote Music

You can also make use of specialized products and services that will help you gain your popularity and grow your audience.
MCP Music Promotion has a wide range of products that might fit your need as an artist perfectly.

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