James Zada – New Smooth Release: Strangers

James Zada Strangers MCP release music promotion

James Zada: -> New Smooth Release: Strangers

James Zada - Strangers - New Smooth Release
James Zada – Strangers – Music Promotion by MCP

Strangers by James Zada

If you like George Michael then you will love James Zada. Strangers is a good example of Zada’s smooth and classy production
with Michael-esque breathy tones and sexy delivery.
You can dance or chill to this crafted uplifting electronic pop groove. His latest song is about remembering that first exciting spark with your lover when u met as strangers and rekindling that passion and desire.

Zada is a successful record producer with over 1.3 million album sales worldwide.

Releasing under the artist name Llewellyn, over the past 25 years, he has built up an impressive catalog of over 100 album titles and won many awards

including a Gold Disc and 4 music awards at the coveted COVR Awards in Colorado. (Latest award June 2019)

(including Best Overall Music in Show 2013)

Through the label Hot Tub Records, distributed by Sony Music, he is now recording

and releasing his more commercial style of songs and tracks featuring not only his vocals but also guest vocalists.

We truly think James is a great talent and that is why we are writing a bot of a blogging article about his song Strangers.

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