Jared Lee Sings About an Intoxicating Love on ‘Professional Lovers

by Wandera Hussein (billboard)
Jared Lee isn’t afraid to go in depth about the powers of an intense love affair. The Boston singer’s latest single “Professional Lovers” details a love so good, it’s almost magical.

The record, co-produced by Mick Schultz, begins with a simple, pulsing bass line, as Lee calmly flows about an intoxicating passion. “It’s a pleasure principle when it comes to you/ and I’ll be holding my breath till tomorrow, that’s the truth/ Can’t nobody cut me loose,” Lee sings, almost in a whisper.

As the hook arrives, the tune changes quickly from calm to intense, as a booming kick drum and echoing snare, and a blaring synth accompany Lee who ditches the whisper for a full-voiced croon.

“As soon as we finished writing and recording the demo of this I felt very connected to the lyrics and the melodies,” Lee tells Billboard. “It was really important for me to create something very dynamic with slow and smooth low-key verses, and then a very powerful in-your-face chorus that erupts. The song is about an extremely intense physical connection and unrivaled passion, the kind that makes you think: How could it get any better than this?”

Check out “Professional Lovers” below.

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