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Down This Road by KO Vixxen -> Playlist Tip!!

The new KO Vixxen album Down This Road is a superb and majestic 13-track Hip-Hop Album with a bit of a reggae flavor to it.

A Mixture of very attractive tracks. For example the track “Hero”. A combination of the finest rap and some truly awesome vocals on a pumping beat. But also a strong reggae-influenced track called “Magic Carpet Ride”. All these different sounds make the album diverse and nice to listen to. Listening to this album truly never gets boring. The recording quality of the album is also outstanding. The studio work was done superbly! There is also a very refreshing song on the album called “Radio Song”. Which would actually, probably do very well when played on a old-school radio!

Considering the diversity of the album, we really thought we had to write a little blog about this great album.

Please have a listen and make sure to check out this new great album. You will most probably really love it. And probably there will be some songs on the album that you like, so please make sure to save them to your personal libraries on Spotify. Thumbs up for K.O. Vixxen. Spotify album Down This Road

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