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Welcome to our Music Promotion Shop.

Below you will find more information about our different music promotion products and services.

How does it work?

Please read the explanation below before proceeding to shop.

Spotify looks for little, so called; ‘signs’ on a track or in a song.
Spotify uses the info that they retrieve from these ‘signs’.
Spotify uses the information to select tracks for their own tips and playlists.
These Spotify tips and playlists often make songs go viral because of these ‘signs’.

The so called ‘signs’:

  • In how many different playlists is the song?
  • Did people save the song to their favorites?
  • How many followers did the artist gain during the last 28 days?
  • What is the amount of plays a song has received?
  • Have people linked to the song on social media?
  • How high is the artist’s ranking on Google?
Music Promotion MCP
Music Channel Promotion Spotify Playlist Pitching

These are all automated processes within the Spotify system.
All of them together will check out each and every single one of these, so called ‘signs’ described above.


Our Categories / Options

We have the following promotional options for you to choose from:


Our BASIC PITCHING PLANS category is for artists who, for instance, just started to promote their work on the different Spotify algorithms.
The BASIC PITCHING PLANS will get you started as an artist.
Soon after starting your promotional plans you will notice you are getting more and more plays, likes and saves.
After receiving new plays, saves and likes, you can finally start focusing on the next steps in your career as a musician.
Start selecting your newest or best tracks, because you are very close to getting them promoted.


Our EXTENDED PITCHING PLANS category is mainly used by bigger artists, record labels, managers and promoters.
They usually have a bit bigger budgets compared to the average artist.
This basically means they will be able to make use of all the above options (described in the category above) plus many other functions and features.
This EXTENDED PITCHING PLANS category will get you covered if you are looking for a little bit more than just the average promotion of (your) music.
Selecting this option will seriously allow you to promote multiple songs, tracks and artists in a very powerful way.


Our MAJOR PITCHING PROMOTION PLANS category is a must have promotional tool tailored for real professionals. Record labels, Promoters and Major Artist Managers.
This is for those with steady large budgets to improve there artists algorithms on a constant and very solid base. Users that make use of services within this category simply know it pays off!

Our advice and service will be available for you if needed. Because in the end: “WE are here to help YOU improve your algorithms!”

Basic Pitching plans

Basic 10 days promo

$29.00 INCL VAT

Basic Pitching plans

Playlist 14 days basic promo


Basic Pitching plans

Playlist 30 days basic promo

$59.00 INCL VAT
$79.00 INCL VAT

Basic Pitching plans

Playlist 60 days basic promo

$199.00 INCL VAT

Major pitching promotion

Playlist Major 60 days


Basic Pitching plans

Playlist Subscription

$9.95 / week

Basic Pitching plans

Playlist Subscription 6 playlists

$19.95 / week