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Welcome in our spotify  music promotion shop.

We have 3 options for making your choice in promotion.


1. The Basic catagorie is for artists who begin to promote to work on there spotify algorithms.

Spotify looks for signs on a track to pick them up for there own tips and playlist, that often makes a track go viral.

In how many playlists is the song?

Do people save the song to there favorites?

How many followers does the artist gain in the last 28 days, And how many plays did a song get.


Next to that they wil analyse if a song is mentioned or linked to all kinds of social media.

And how does the artist rank in google. All automated checks from spotify.

Basics to make a choice in selecing tracks for there playlists, or viral lists.

Our advice work on a constant present on all these factors. We are her to help you improve your algorithms.


2. The second option extended promotions are often used by managers and promoters who have bigger budgets to improve all things named above.


3. And at last the major promotion for record labels and promoters who have steady large budgets to improve there artists algorithms on a constant base and they know it pays off.

Basic Pitching plans

Basic 10 days promo


Major pitching promotion

EP Promotion Package


Basic Pitching plans

Playlist 14 days basic promo


Basic Pitching plans

Playlist 30 days basic promo


Basic Pitching plans

Playlist 60 days basic promo


Major pitching promotion

Playlist Major 60 days


Basic Pitching plans

Playlist Subscription

$9.95 / week