New Album Tiffany

New Album Tiffany

New Album Tiffany - Pieces Of Me - Music Promotion by MCP

New Album Tiffany. In our promotions in today’s blog we wanna focus on the great album from Tiffany called; ‘Pieces Of Me’. Next to her strong voice this album contains real nice uptempo tracks. The album could be described as a very nice mixture of pop and rock and some added ballads.

Well known from her past hits ‘Think we are alone now’ and ‘Could’ve Been’… Listen to Pieces Of Me and especially the ballad titled; ‘Hey There’.


We truly love it and we absolutely do hope that you do so as well.

Our favorite TIP for the Pieces Of Me album:


Make sure to save her new album Pieces Of Me or one of her specific songs (or her as an artist herself) to your favorites. Especially, if you like what you hear. As a result, you support her work, and you’ll be able to enjoy her latest music.

She has worked very hard to release this New Album. And finally we can hear all of her skills well combined on all the beautiful songs on the album Pieces Of Me by Tiffany.

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