New Release B MEN

New Release by B-MEN

New Release by B-MEN. I’ll Guess You Know Out of the shades and into the light! In today’s blog we want to share some more info about this great new track by B-Men. Once in a while you run into producers who have a legacy which is big time worth mentioning, like this one of which we will release a track on August 28th.

B-MEN is a dance producer from the Netherlands. In the past he has worked with; 2 Unlimited, Klubbheads X DJ BoozyWoozy, Mark Otten Tiësto and many, many others …

We are very proud to represent this artist and release his latest dance track called “I’ll Guess You Know” which was released on August 28th!

Go check out this song now on Spotify, by clicking on the following link: >> click here <<

You will most likely not feel sorry that you took the decision to play B-MEN’s newest release. As a result you will find yourself listening to this track again and again. It truly is an amazing track that has a very unique energy to it. And exactly that energy is what makes this latest release by this Dance Producer so cool. We could actually picture this song becoming a hit in the charts.

B-MEN just remember that name. There is a big chance you will hear more and more from this artist in the future.

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