Pointdexter Sunrise

Pointdexter Sunrise rockband musicchannelpromotions.com
Pointdexter Sunrise rockband musicchannelpromotions.com
Pointdexter – Sunrise Rock Band

Pointdexter – Sunrise:

The Genre of this band is: Pop-Rock / Indie / Alternative. That may sound like a little much at the same time. It actually isn’t. It all does make sense. As they are a band that does make music in all of these different genres. But we all know how closely related these genres are at the same time as well.

Their sound is truly great! Therefor, Pointdexter somehow sounds familiar while at the same time their songs may sound like new.

The single Sunrise stands out from the ordinary. As a result, it sounds very catchy but almost classical at the same time as well.

Who is Pointdexter you may wonder. Pointdexter is an awesome rock band with an alternative indie sound. Their sound is very unique. As a result their catchy melodies and tunes are very addictive to the ears.
The band was founded by vocalist Kevin Kinsella in the year 2008.
Since then there sound has continuously evolved.
Pushing their music abilities to try and create a concept of musical revolution.
The song is comming from there ep called Rocket Surgery.
Onces you listened to it your emediatly addicted to there sound.
Have a look on the bands website http://www.pointdexterrocks.com
Sunrise is listed in the music channel promotions playlists: indie pit
On spotify you can go to the tracklink here
It’s a miracle this awesome band is not signed yet to a major record label.
Benny Brown / Music channel promotions

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