Platinum Record Award


Platinum Record Award

For 1.000.000 plays on spotify.

This gold record award for a 1.000.000 plays on spotify is a great way for promoters and record Labels to reward there artist with this great achievement on there results.

This United Artist Asociation registerd award is a custom made product It takes some weeks to deliver this custom Award and for shipping outside Europe there are extra costs

This Award comes in the measurements 30 x 40 CM  in shiny plexiglas with depth

There is a strong variation in shipping costs from $ 9,95 to $79,95

You can order a mounting set separate


after payment you must send the cover of the track in 2000 x 2000 PIX  300 DPI to sound2kill4records@gmail.com 

  1. Minimum Quantity 1
  2. Maximum Quantity 1
  3. Steps Quantity