Raindust Road Kahan

Raindust Road kahan

Raindust Road Kahan. Road Kahan is the musical formation that will be in the focus of today’s blog article. It’s not very often you’ll find a drum & bass powerhouse or a bass administrator gently apply the brakes, but that’s exactly the case when Bardo ‘DJ Nymfo’ Camp settles into the groove alongside with Daan van de Pol.Together they are known as the Dutch duo: Road Kahan.

Their latest song Raindust is a song that will truly blow your mind in a very pleasant way. Therefore, we would absolutely love to point it out to you…

Check it out >>> here <<<

Enjoy it and while enjoying it, please do keep continue reading…

Road Kahan is about two artists breaking free from the stylistic parameters set by their day jobs. Therefore, focusing strictly on vibes and writing whatever they gosh-darn feel like. The Dutch duo offers a mash of dreamy atmospheres and bedazzling rhythms. So unique that you won’t find it anywhere else.

The very best of electronic music is what you find right here. Ostensibly their debut track Blue Velvet was a velvet ‘proggy’ house cut. Nonetheless, in the background, certain musical rules are being flagrantly ignored. Well known formulas are blatantly being burnt, besides that plenty of fun seems to be being had. Even up to the point that they wrote a whole album worth of material. And all of that within just two months after hitting the studio together. Therefore, no two tracks follow the same path. No two tracks do the same job. From shimmering downbeat sunset soul up to sweet, shuffling introspective two-step. Stay up to date at what’s to come. This story isn’t just worth telling – it’s worth hearing, too!

Enjoy Raindust Road Kahan.

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