River Heartless By Werner Mill

River Heartless-werner Mill-musicpromotion-mcp-poptrack

River Heartless – Werner Mill (Recent Release)

River Heartless by Wernil Mill. That is what you get when you take a beautiful haunting voice, and at the same time an accomplished singer songwriter in one person!

Well, let’s call it a breath taking new release of a talented composer of great pop tunes.

River Heartless-Werner Mill-music promotion-mcp-poptrack

Compaired to artists like Jeff Lynne and Paul McCartney Werner Mill songs are aired regularly on stations like BBC in the UK and American radio stations.

This talented sing a songwriter from Norway has hit the jackpot with this release called River Heartless.

Because this uptempo popsong is for a mainstream audience we think it will pretty soon hit the charts.

The outstanding quality of this artist is probably a reason that the song is discoverd by more and more people everyday.

So this is basically also is the reason that we are blogging about this recent release.

This Awesome track from the artist Werner Mill gets a 5 star ***** rating from our team of specialists.

Therefore we are sharing this little ‘gem’ with you, so that you can enjoy the new River Heartless song as well!

Please Enjoy!

And hopefully you will add this artist or this beautiful song to your favorites!




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