Secret Treehouse Releases Wrong Hands


Wrong Hands by Secret Treehouse

Secret Treehouse, consisting of Anja Bera, Sveinung Fossan Bukve, Trond Espen Teigen Bjoland, Tormod Smith Svanevik and Marius Mathisen, is a Bergen-based pop orchestra, set out on an everlasting quest to find the perfect melody. This search is set in a realm where guitar-driven rock meets energetic electronic pop. It is all about cultivating the resistance and opposites in the soundscapes, painting audible pictures for the listener.


The Big Rewind

Secret Treehouse is about a form of escapism.

The place you retreat to when you need some distance and escape from reality.

The title track from their upcoming album The Big Rewind is enjoying rotation on major Norwegian and international radio stations.

Listen to it on your favourite streaming service, or enjoy the video on YouTube.

Fourth Single by Secret Treehouse

Wrong Hands is their fourth single from their upcoming album The Big Rewind. It is an electronic pop song with a dreamy melody.

It has a well structured build up that guides you through your own thoughts of life while listening to the song.

Close your eyes and let the music take you to that secret place where you can recharge and escape from reality. Overall, it is a song that makes you think and take a moment for yourself. Wherever you are, Wrong Hands gives you that moment and space you need.

If you like to let the music guide you and dream away while listening to a magical voice, then this track should definitely be in your playlist. You can listen to it here.

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