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Ampish Fall On Me Ft Sibbyl

Ampish Fall On Me Ft Sibbyl - Music Promotion by MCP - New Release - Artist Promo - Spotify

This latest blog today is focused on the latest song by Ampish Fall On me Ft Sibbyl. Ampish and Sibbyl did an outstanding job by creating this energetic dance track. The track was written by Hazem Beltagui and The Companions. It has the great taste of EDM together with the energy of a good dance […]

Want You Erkki.R

Want You Erkki.R New Release - music promotion on spotify playlists by MCP musicchannelpromotions.com

Want You by Erkki.R is today’s new release which we would like to put in the spotlights by writing a blog about it today. Therefore we would like to tell you a bit more about Erkki.R and his incredible music. The very talented Erkki is absolutely showing his skills in a very special and promising […]