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Last Night Curtisy Curti$y

Last Night Curti$y - Music Promotion - Blog Article - MCP Music Promotion - Artist Promo - New Song

Last Night Curtisy Curti$y – This blog will be about the latest release by Curtisy / Curti$y called Last Night. Last Night is a song that has a vibrant energy to it. And would easily create a good atmosphere where ever it would be played to an audience. It would be hard for us to […]

Great Rap and Hip Hop Curator

cribs an Rap Playlist by musicchannelpromotions.com Hip Hop and rap curator indie panel on spotify

Indie Panel Indie Panel is a great Curator. With 4 great playlists like Rap City , Trendy, Final Cuts and playlist Cribs It’s one of the best in Hip Hop music. As a result, his playlists proof it with plays. And as you can read in this blog, here you will find all the latest news […]

Stay Big Homie E-sounds

Big Homie-E sounds-Stay-MCP-music promotion promotion smooth hip hop

Stay-Big Homie E-sounds (Recent Release) When You Mix up Old School Hip Hop with a smooth flavour of new infuences this is what you get ! A brand new style between rap and vocals. Smooth grooves from Big Homie and the groovy trap beats of e-sounds in a brand new song called Stay. Big Homie […]

KO Vixxen New Album Down This Road

Music channel promotion Ko Vixxen Down This Road

Down This Road by KO Vixxen -> Playlist Tip!! The new KO Vixxen album Down This Road is a superb and majestic 13-track Hip-Hop Album with a bit of a reggae flavor to it. A Mixture of very attractive tracks. For example the track “Hero”. A combination of the finest rap and some truly awesome […]