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November promotion discount

Novemver discount mcp musicchannelpromotions.com

November promotion discount november special discount is this month an exclusive 2 TIMES DISCOUNT CODE not valid on subscriptions and radio promotions A discount of 10% is avaliable to you 2 times use the promo code  autum10 on all packages. Why a Discount Deal? November is one of the bussy’est months of the year that’s why […]

Richie Loop Releases Squat


Richie Loop Richie Loop is a versatile Jack-of-All-Trades MC hailing from Jamaica who’s taken the music industry by storm. His electrifying shows bring together elements of every aspect of music, drawing from his background as a professional dancer, singer, songwriter, and producer to leave crowds out of breath and desperately wanting more every time he […]

Great Rap and Hip Hop Curator

cribs an Rap Playlist by musicchannelpromotions.com Hip Hop and rap curator indie panel on spotify

Indie Panel Indie Panel is a great Curator. With 4 great playlists like Rap City , Trendy, Final Cuts and playlist Cribs It’s one of the best in Hip Hop music. As a result, his playlists proof it with plays. And as you can read in this blog, here you will find all the latest news […]

Secret Treehouse Releases Wrong Hands


Wrong Hands by Secret Treehouse Secret Treehouse, consisting of Anja Bera, Sveinung Fossan Bukve, Trond Espen Teigen Bjoland, Tormod Smith Svanevik and Marius Mathisen, is a Bergen-based pop orchestra, set out on an everlasting quest to find the perfect melody. This search is set in a realm where guitar-driven rock meets energetic electronic pop. It […]

RnB Release Jadom called Liamame

Music promotion playlist pitching Jadom Llamame Rnb Viral spotify Pitch MCP

RnB Release Jadom called Liamame New Release Jadom Llamame What do you get if you ad some vocals to this awesome laid back RnB track from the artist Jadom ? Well the answer is actually quite simple. This awesome but very chill release. With the beats that Jadom created for this song, you can easily […]

Asmarani Nur Mit Dir Viral German Rap

Nur mit Dir Asmarani german rap music for the mainstream rapscene

Asmarani Nur Mit Dir Today we Tip German rap upcoming is the new release of German rapper Asmarani. This outstanding song in German rap is also a Tip for the international Rap-scene. and we think it will go viral soon give it your support if you like it Listen to this track and we are […]

A Great New Year is Coming !

A Great New Year Is Coming! A Great New Year Is Coming! Right around the corner from where we are, there is a new great period of time full of new and cool things ahead of us. New improved services and products that will get available on our shop page.  New Playlists and a more […]