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October Promotion Discount – 10% Off!


October Promotion Discount This October the Monthly Special on MCP (Music Channel Promotion) is a October Promotion Discount of 10%, available with our promo Code on the following package: Playlist Extended Promotion For 30 Days ($ 199,- USD) This means a 10% DISCOUNT on a fantastic promotion package! This Month’s Special is really special! Why […]

Byron Keno Burning Demons

Byron Keno Burning Demons - New Release - Latest Song - Artist Promo - Blog - Article - MCP Music Promotion

Byron Keno Burning Demons In today’s blog we would like to talk a bit about Byron Keno’s latest release: Burning Demons. This song is Byron Keno’s newest masterpiece and what a blasting one this is! This one truly has some very deep impact after listening to it for the first time. The very calm but […]

How to promote your music on a platform like Spotify as an unsigned artist?

How to promote your music on a platform like Spotify as an unsigned artist blog article mcp music promotion - Artists, bands, musicians, dj's, producers

Are you looking to get more streams on Spotify? This little guide that we created will outline a number of tips. Tips for the first basic steps to growing your very own fan base. Next to that these tips will also show you how to receive more plays on Spotify as well. Even if you […]

A Great New Year is Coming !

A Great New Year Is Coming! A Great New Year Is Coming! Right around the corner from where we are, there is a new great period of time full of new and cool things ahead of us. New improved services and products that will get available on our shop page.  New Playlists and a more […]