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First and Shalisa MURDER

First featuring Shalisa Murder massence records musicchannelpromotions.com

First and Shalisa MURDER First and Shalisa MURDER is the latest release of producer First together with Shalisa. This song is the latest music production from Producer FIRST currently residing in Haarlem in The Netherlands. new release First ft. Shalisa MURDER! First believes in the strategy that the record is what counts most, and your […]

How to promote your music on a platform like Spotify as an unsigned artist?

How to promote your music on a platform like Spotify as an unsigned artist blog article mcp music promotion - Artists, bands, musicians, dj's, producers

Are you looking to get more streams on Spotify? This little guide that we created will outline a number of tips. Tips for the first basic steps to growing your very own fan base. Next to that these tips will also show you how to receive more plays on Spotify as well. Even if you […]

Great Rap and Hip Hop Curator

cribs an Rap Playlist by musicchannelpromotions.com Hip Hop and rap curator indie panel on spotify

Indie Panel Indie Panel is a great Curator. With 4 great playlists like Rap City , Trendy, Final Cuts and playlist Cribs It’s one of the best in Hip Hop music. As a result, his playlists proof it with plays. And as you can read in this blog, here you will find all the latest news […]