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Want You by Erkki.R is today’s new release which we would like to put in the spotlights by writing a blog about it today. Therefore we would like to tell you a bit more about Erkki.R and his incredible music. The very talented Erkki is absolutely showing his skills in a very special and promising way. Want You is the kinda song with a very delightful vibe to it that keeps stuck inside your head. That is why, it definitely could become a banger in the charts and in the clubs. The track just takes you on a short but very awesome musical journey through the melodic world of Erkki and his musical mind. As a result, you will feel absolutely happy and energetic after listening to this very cool new release by Erkki.

This new track by Erkki will most likely help him to gain more fans and build his audience. We are actually very sure about the fact that this new song “Want You” by Erkki.R will really find it’s way to many people around the globe. But still, by writing this little blog about Erkki and his sing we still hope that you and other with you will get to know Erkki and his music.

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A little more about Erkki.R (from his biography)


Erkki was born in June 1981 in the small city Võru (Estonia). All of his life, music has played a very important role. He grew up in a musical family. His father was a guitar player and a vocalist in a band. Therefore, when Erkki was a kid, he used to imitate other artists while he would sing along with their songs. His life was full of difficulties and many beautiful moments as well. At a young age he became father of a family, as a result, it forced him to postpone all of his musical inspirations. Now it was time to provide for his young family.


Ups and Downs


As time went by, Erkki concluded, that he was somehow locked up. Locked up in between the boundaries dictated by the situation where his life had brought him. When he realized that, he simply decided it was time to follow his musical ambitions. As a result, he bought a set of speakers so he could just start to make music from scratch.

A New Hope


About 3 years ago, Erkki ran into the woman of his dreams. As a result things started to change for the best. Around that same period in his life he bumped into to someone that helped him. That person helped Erkki to find his way in the jungle of the music industry.

This person did not only inspire him to pursue his dreams, but also helped Erkki to find his way around in mixing, mastering and producing his own songs. This person taught him how to make his very own music in his very own and unique style.

The Present


This was also the foundation for the cooperation between Erkki and Armada where Erkki.R had his first tracks released. Now he has moved on to a new phase in his career where he focuses on releasing his best works in the style that fits best to his musical style. These days Erkki is residing in Finland, in the beautiful city of Nikkila.

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