You Didn’t Want Me by Fran Pitre (Recent Release)


Fran Pitre her new song You Didn’t Want Me  (Recent Release)

Fran Pitre picked up where she left off years ago with her new song: You Didn’t Want Me.

With her kids all grown up, it is time for Fran Pitre to start pursuing here love for music again.

Together with the talented composer Kenny Levine she started co-writing on her new 7 track EP called You Always Were.


That smooth launch bar feeling from The Big Apple. A New York touch that is quite unique. The song You Didn’t Want Me is discovered by more and more people everyday.

This alone tells You something already. And her popularity is growing each and every day. It simply looks like she never took any break from making music. It’s literately as if she never has left the stage.

Her recent work reflects the attraction, desire, hope and then the disappointment from a heartbreak caused by a rejection. A laid back, chill and very relaxing experience and the basic reason why we are blogging about it.

On the recently released EP you will find more songs you probably do not want to miss. Uptempo tracks like New Yorker At Heart and Take Your Time will be enjoyable for many, as many of us are in some kind of a constant state of hurrying.

Her recent work reminds us, that life is to short, so let’s slow down, smell the roses, love yourself and each other…..and take your time.

This EP could best be described as the perfect blend of laid back vibes and chill sweet tunes.

This is the perfect EP for all your chilled out moments in life.

We would absolutely recommend this EP for a nice, lazy night (summer or winter).

We give this EP a 5 Star rating *****

For more information You can also check Fran Pitre out on Social Media:

Instagram: ->> franpitre_live

Twitter: ->> @fran_pitre

Youtube: ->> Fran Pitre

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